The Professor Saw Swee Hock Financial Assistance Fund

In 2021/22 the Singapore LSE Trust launched a bursary fund to provide financial assistance to Singaporean LSE students who have fallen on hard times and have an acute financial need. It is named in memory of the late Professor Saw Swee Hock, a distinguished alumnus, honorary fellow of the LSE, philanthropist and supporter of the Trust. Care for Singaporean students who are struggling financially through no fault of their own has been a cause close to the heart of Prof. Saw during his lifetime. It was his idea that the Trustees establish a bursary fund, and we are grateful for his family’s approval to lend his name to this fund.

Applicants for the Saw Swee Hock Financial Assistance Fund

Assistance Fund must be a Singaporean citizen and current student of the LSE. They apply for an award from the Fund through the school’s Financial Support Office (FSO), who passes their information to the Trust for further assessment and decision. Any award will be paid out through the FSO in the name of the Fund.

Recipients of a one-off student hardship award can expect a pay-out of up to £10,000 to cover unexpected expenses. Award decisions are made by a panel of Trustees of the Singapore LSE Trust, who are accountable to the other Trustees for their decision. Recipients of awards are encouraged to donate back to the Saw Swee Hock Financial Assistance Fund once their financial situation has improved in the spirit of “paying it forward”.

If you want to donate specifically to the Fund, please fill out a donation form (Google Form / hard copy) to the Singapore LSE Trust and kindly indicate this to the Trust’s treasurer.