The LSE Trust Undergraduate Scholarship Award

The Trust funds Undergraduate Scholarship Awards for Singaporean students, covering their tuition fees.

Applicants for the Trust’s Undergraduate Scholarship Award must be Singaporean citizens who have already gained admission to the LSE. They go through a rigorous assessment:

1. By the LSE’s Financial Support Office (FSO) to ensure that the applicant has a genuine financial need, and yet a realistic ability to raise sufficient other sources of funds for their living expenses (e.g. family savings, borrowing or part-time work) and

2. By the Trustees of The Singapore LSE Trust to ensure that applicants are “someone special with a social conscience.” The Trustees are looking for applicants with a track record of doing good and contributing to others / causes despite their own challenges, someone with the desire for the betterment of society or the pursuit of a meaningful cause, who will “pay it forward” if given this opportunity.

Successful applicants can expect to receive a undergraduate scholarship award covering their tuition fees over the course of their first degree, which are around £23,330 per annum for the 2022/23 academic year, or £69,990 in total for a three year undergraduate course.

Applications for the award are administered by the school’s Financial Support Office (FSO) and prospective students should apply directly through the FSO’s website.

Past recipients of an LSE Trust scholarship award include:

    • Jia Xuan Tay, BSc Economics 2026e
    • Lu Roujia, BSc Economics 2025e

    • Lim Yu Tong, BSc Economics 2024e

    • Joseph Tan, BSc Economics 2022

    • Dhanyiaa Kamalanatha, BSc Management 2021

    • Sidney Lim, BSc Government and Economics 2021

    • Regine Law, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 2019

    • Aiysh Sheikh, BSc Economics 2019

    • Gerald Lai, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 2018

    • Beverley Leung, BSc International History 2018

    • Reichel Jenifer, BSc Economics 2017

    • Brenda Tan, BSc Sociology 2017

    • Cai Yong, BSc Economics 2016

    • Jonathan Leaw, BSc Economics 2016

    • Mohd Ilham, BSc Economics 2015

    • Brenda Soh, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 2015

    • Elaine Tan, BSc Geography with Economics 2014

    • Chan Zheng Hao, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 2013

    • Wong Jen Han, BSc Economics 2012

    • Henedick Chng, MSc Media and Communications 2011*

    • Firdaus Arman, MSc Management, Organisations and Governance 2011*

    • Chong Ling Li, LLB (Bachelor of Laws) 2008

    • Weng Wan Yi, MSc History of International Relations 2007*

    • Justin Wong, MSc Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society 2007*

    • Tan Tai Kiat, MSc Public Policy and Administration 2006*

* Prior to 2012 the Trust also awarded scholarships to postgraduate students, which is no longer the case.

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