What is the Singapore LSE Trust?

The Singapore LSE Trust was launched in 2004 to help Singaporeans who demonstrate “all-round excellence” but face financial difficulties pursue their dream of studying at the LSE. The Trust is an Institute of Public Character (IPC) approved by the Commissioner of Charities.

As Trustees, we believe that education is the greatest social leveller. Supporting students financially is the best investment we can make in providing opportunities, opening minds, and making a difference in the lives of those it touches. It is, in other words, a worthy cause with lifetime effects. By enabling deserving Singaporeans to study at LSE, we do our part to keep the school’s world-class education open to the less economically privileged. 

We see this as a meaningful gift to future generations of students: As we have benefited from our time at LSE, so we wish others to enjoy the same journey. By giving to the Trust, our alumni “pay it forward” for fellow Singaporeans who lack the necessary means to study at the LSE – hoping that they will return that gesture in the future.

Over the last decade, the Trust has awarded over 20 Undergraduate Scholarship Awards and has established the Saw Swee Hock Financial Assistance Fund for Singaporean LSE students in financial need.

Governance and Trustees

The Singapore LSE Trust was constituted as a Charitable Trust under the Charities Act. It has the status of an Institute of Public Character (IPC) approved by the Commissioner of Charities. The Trust has the distinction of being the first charitable trust of its kind established in Singapore by an overseas university.

Adhering to the highest standards of governance, all Trustees volunteer without receiving any fee or allowance, so that the running expenses of the Trust are kept at an absolute minimum. Thanks to the generosity and support from alumni who have contributed both in cash and in kind, the Trust has to date incurred no significant expenses other than the direct funding of scholarships and bursaries.

The Trust is also grateful for the pro bono legal and secretarial support by TSMP Law Corporation, who have helped the Trust from its establishment to today and provide invaluable services free of charge.

As an IPC, all the Trust’s charitable donations and financial accounts are reviewed annually by an independent auditor.

The Trustees of the Singapore LSE Trust include the following distinguished alumni:

• Ms. Jane Ittogi (Emeritus Chairperson), Board Member of LaSalle College of the Arts and Chair of Tasek Jurong Limited
• Mr. Collin Liu ACA (Co-Chairman), Chief Operating Officer at Rajah & Tann Asia
• Mr. Desmond Lim (Co-Chairman), Chairman of Les Amis Group
• Mr. Garich Lim Shington (Secretary), Senior Manager at Philip Capital Management (S) Ltd
• Dr. Stefan Altorfer-Ong (Treasurer), 
• Ms. Michelle Liem, Director of Nuri Holdings
• Mr. Linus Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Phillip Tokai Tokyo Investment Management
• Mr. Low Check Kian, Founder and Chairman of Cluny Park Capital
• Mr. Eugene Ooi, Consultant at Linklaters Singapore Pte. Ltd.
• Mr. Tan Suee Chieh, Past President of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (United Kingdom)
• Ms. Patricia Yeo, Director of Hong Leong Investment Holdings Pte. Ltd.
• Mr. Edwin Seah, Principal at Mercer Singapore (ex officio Trustee as the President of the LSE Alumni Association of Singapore)

Former Trustees include, amongst others, the Minister for Health, Mr. Ong Ye Kung, the former Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Mr. Eddie Teo, and the former Chairman of SingPost, Mr. Lim Ho Kee.

Supporting the Trust through a Tax-Deductible Donation

Alumni and friends of the LSE can donate to the Trust as one-time gifts or through recurring GIRO donations. We accept one-off payments through bank transfer or cheque

If you prefer a physical copy, please use this hardcopy pdf form and send it via regular mail.

As we are an Institution of Public Character (IPC), all donations to the Singapore LSE Trust enjoy tax deductions, currently at the rate of 2.5x times the donated amount. In other words: For every $1,000 donated to the Singapore LSE Trust by a Singaporean taxpayer, you will be able to deduct $2,500 from your chargeable income. See further details on tax deductions on the IRAS website. The Trust will report your donation directly to IRAS and additionally issue a donation receipt at the end of each tax year for your convenience.

For questions relating to donations, please reach out to the Trust’s Treasurer, stefan.altorfer@gmail.com.

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