The LSESU Singapore Society (UK)

The LSESU Singapore Society (UK) is the student society established in the interests of Singaporeans studying at the LSE. The Society aims to provide Singaporeans with the familiarity of home, whilst also serving as a platform to strengthen its unique identity through the organisation of numerous social activities. These range from festive celebrations to parties, road trips and sporting events.

The Society supports the interests of career-minded students by organizing annual job-related events and seminars. The Society also keeps a lookout for career-related events and actively seeks job openings for its members, particularly those in Singapore. For example, the Society organised the Singapore Sensation – a week-long programme of visits to financial institutions in Singapore. The Society actively promotes the Singapore culture and identity, and warmly welcomes all LSE students who wish to find out more about this unique blend of customs, traditions and way of life.

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